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Mount Pleasant Home builders

January 31, 2013

There are a lot of custom home builders in Mount Pleasant, SC but how do you choose the right one. Which one is best for you, because not all home builders are created alike and it’s not all about cost per sq foot.

Here are some tips to help you begin:Mount Pleasant, SC Home Builder

1.) Do you have home plans already? The cost of hiring an architect in Charleston SC  can be pricey and especially with a custom home so ask yourself what your budget for the total turn key construction is. If you need home plans to be supplied by the builder then you may have to be flexible with your expectations. A lot of small custom builders don’t have plans they can just access anytime.

2.) What is your total end cost you want to spend? I think it’s obvious that custom homes cost more to build then just buying semi custom homes in Charleston SC or even a tract home from a large national builder in an established development. So you usually will get a little more bang for your buck when it comes to square footage, but will have to sacrifice finishes.

3.) Personality Fit – What kind of person are you? Meaning ask yourself if you are a person that asks a lot of questions, and is kind of indecisive because if you are; make sure you find a builder that will be able to be there to hold your hand and doesn’t mind it. Try to ask a lot of questions so you can find out what kind of personality your builder has and how they work during construction. You and your builder will be “married” for months so getting along and being on the same page throughout the process is paramount.

4.) Gauge your Expectations – Make sure to look at a few homes your prospective builder has done in the past so your can see the quality of their work. Laying out what your expectations are, and ensuring you aren’t confused about what the final product will look like with every end finish is key. Often times what a home owner thinks they are getting (expect in their mind’s eye) and what the builder is envisioning can be two totally different things.


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