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Proper Home Insulation

November 29, 2011

There are many different types of insulation so lets go over some of the important factors that make up proper insulation. The first one being the R-value or the thickness of the material divided by the heat lost. The thicker the material the better the insulator which to me is common sense. Another factor to consider is spaces or gaps in the place where you have insulation. The least amount of spaces for air to escape the better it will be at retaining a constant temperature. This is why spray foam is the best material to use, however it is much more expensive then the other products on the market. The four most used types of insulation are : Rolls and batts, Loose-fill, Rigid foam, and Foam-in-place:

1.) Blown cellulose – The most affordable and effective for the money and therefore more widely used. Good at filling gaps.



2.) Rolls – More expensive than blown but can be used in ceilings and under floors. Made from fiber glass and is flexible easily formed in and around things. Is the “pink” stuff you think of normally. It’s only pink because that what Owens Corning does for marketing their product.

3.) Rigid foam-or Polystyrene Insulated Sheathing, even more energy effective than blown or rolls with higher R value.

4.) Spray Foam –

Most effective and most expensive of all the four. Very energy efficient and easily fills all spaces and gaps. The one problem with this type is that if you have leaks in the roof you can’t see where they are coming from. Secondly, if installed in the walls you can’t see or access plumbing and electrical work very easily.

Please consider Precision Construction for an estimate to re-insulate your home properly if you live in Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Sullivans Island, Daniel Island, Kiawah, Seabrook, Folly Beach, Downtown, James Island and the surrounding counties. Thank You


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